Sunday, February 7, 2016


Sometimes beliefs live in the shallow end of the pool until one is ready to dive into the deep end where the truth lives... Sabrina Nikol

Greetings Beautiful Ones!!!  Where did You think I was going with this blog title?  It is, no doubt, a powerful memorable verse of a classic song that demands attention!!!  (Hang in there with me…the purpose of this title will be revealed.)  What did you reallly BELIEVE about our chat this month? Uh Huh…;-) 
I feel as this year progresses, some of our beliefs taught in the past will be questioned.  It is a normal state of being…as we grow, some of our beliefs may change or altered in accordance with our current reality.  From cultural, personal, media, political, religious, business, scientific communities +, beliefs can be subjective & vary from person to person.  They have the ability to instill fear, control, separation, create conflict and/or distractions from the truth.  While other beliefs are designed to encourage, inspire, uplift, helps us think outside of the box or just to be mindful of choices.  All of these factors play a major role in our belief system.  It is important to understand how they fit into your life now.  I mean really, do we need more FEGO (fear/ego) in our lives?  I DON’T THINK SO!!! 
For example, last week I saw a post that read:“…Money is the root of all evil…”
I’ve heard this growing up and never really understood it because I watched my mother pay bills, buy food and make sure we had clothes equip for each season +++.  I remember saying to myself back then: “I don’t think money is evil at all”.  Presently, I believe that money is an energy exchange and the purpose for which it is used, is at the discretion of the individual…for good, not so good or someplace in between.  Therefore, it is a personal choice…not the money itself, rather the way people use the money.
Money beliefs are HUGE!!!  Our relationship with money determines how we manifest $ moving forward.
I affirm:  “Money Is My ღ FRIEND ღ…I Pay My Debt With Love And Ease”
The most challenging beliefs are what we believe in ourselves.  We have a tendency to be the hardest on self when life events don’t appear to work in our favor.  The learning process is infinite & our perfect imperfections help mold us as we evolve personally and collectively.
I affirm:  “Out Of This Situation, Only Good Will Come
As we mature, some beliefs may go “into your back pocket”, be “taken with a grain of salt” or “totally dismissed”.
Before passing judgment about personal or external beliefs, exploration to determine their place in your world today is Golden.
The choice always remains with You…
Are there any beliefs You want to talk about?  Feel free to comment below.

Sabrina Nikol
Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment Initiator
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

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Sunday, January 3, 2016


 …I Convey That We Must Do Away With All The Stress And The Strife, So God Bless Your Life, Use Kindness, And Never Blindness And You Will Find That This Perspective Is Best, Check It Out...
                                                               Guru, Gang Starr

Greetings & Happy New Year Beautiful People!!!  I pray all are well or in an active state of healing.  As we begin this year of transformation and new beginnings, one of the best ways to start 2016, is to eradicate some old baggage (physical/emotional/mental).  It has become easier to manifest what we really aspire to achieve. Can You Manifest Your Own Reality?  Absolutely!!!
Let’s Manifest/Intend - The Recap
1.  Thoughts & Words Have Power!! - It is important to become consciously aware of what you think, say to oneself & others. Words & thoughts hold a vibration, therefore they have the ability to send messages to the Universe.  The response you receive will be based on the words or thoughts you put out there.
Take the time to think more conscientiously before you speak.  Start identifying & replacing common undesirable / destructive words with something constructive (See “TheseAre The Words That I Manifest…I Manifest!!! Part I”, Nov. 2013 blog) & (See “These Are The Words That I Manifest…I Manifest!!! Part II”, Dec. 2013 blog).
2.  Write down what You wish to Manifest (i.e. happiness, good health, increased income, healthy partnerships).  Do You believe it/feel it? Deserve it? Are you willing/open to receive?  There is no more “fake it till you make it” business!!!  It must be felt if you’re willing or open to receive.  This practice can hold the energy to support you. 
Begin to visualize what that would look like for You.  See and feel what that looks like integrated into your life as if it has manifested. The vibration of this will speak volumes in your energy field…Some manifestations/intentions will present in perfect time (not Your time!).  Be flexible with how it looks but take ownership of how it feels for you.
When you declare at the end of your intentions, “For Your Highest Good & The Highest Good Of All”, whatever You are manifesting will be the best outcome for Yourself and for all.
Karma - Good, Bad or Indifferent, whatever actions or deeds You send out comes back...eventually...
3.  Be Thankful – Give Gratitude - Acknowledging Your appreciation of this new path of greatness & increase.
4.  Action – Take small action steps to open up the space to manifest.  Google it/ask questions…pro-activity is key….
5.  Remain adaptable to embrace change on all levels – We are evolving!!! Resistance is futile!!!  Give yourself credit and be good to  yourself. 
Happy Manifesting 2016!!!
Sabrina Nikol Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment InitiatorThe Urbanesk Energy Masseuse
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

FORGIVENESS!!!” Pt. 2 - How Can I Forgive?

Forgiveness Does Not Change The Past…

Paul Boese

Greetings Beautiful Ones,

How are you?  I’ve received several interesting and heart-felt responses regarding last months blog.  The general inquiry was “How Do I Forgive?  How Can I Forgive?”
“You don’t understand Brina, they were a$$hole$!! I’m not giving them power over me anymore by forgiving them!!!” I totally understand . . . many of us can relate!!!  It is perfectly normal to be upset.  Question:  Are you giving them (or the situation) power by holding onto something that is not beneficial to you?

“Forgiveness Is Not About Accepting Undeserved Behavior, It’s About Releasing Yourself From Carrying Around The Burden Of That Behavior!!!”

By holding onto anger and resentment, you’re essentially securing a blockage of your own blessings.
In order to self-heal & forgive, I acknowledged the dis-ease in my stomach, (solar plexus, emotion central of personal power and intuition), declared my willingness to forgive & recalled what I have learned from the experience.  At that point, I was ready to finally forgive myself & the other party.  The process has been extremely empowering, humbling and graceful.  When I could not recall the event that lead to the discomfort in my body, I called to Source/Spiritual team/Angelics for guidance and clarity to heal the situation.

Forgiveness Does Not Condone The Disruptive Behavior,
Nor Does It Give Anyone A Pass To Repeat The Action:  DELETE>REWIND>RESET

I wanted to share with you a snippet of the Release It And Burn It! Ceremony I facilitate with my Mini Past Life Journey’s And Empowerment Sessions.  Feel free to fill in the blanks to assist in your own healing process:
“I trusted you/the situation, then you _______________ me, you $%^!&^*&@$!!!
When you did that, I felt __________________.  I am still not over this and it angers me!!!
Through it all, I’ve learned ____________________.
You taught me ________________________.
Because of this experience, I am __________________________.”
You can write a letter, say it out loud – that person(s) or situation(s) does not need to be present for this to take place.  This is for your own healing & peace of mind.
Forgiveness Checklist:
1) Acknowledge/Release – you don’t have to re-live what it was, but understand there is something to be healed.
2) Give yourself permission to be Open, Willing or Ready to Forgive.
3) Lesson/Express Gratitude – What have I learned, good bad or indifferent?  Allow yourself to feel how you need to feel about it without permitting anger or ego to overshadow or disguise the lesson.
4) Forgive Yourself - Declare:  “I no longer choose to write, direct, produce & star in “The Pity Party of Thee” or “The Why Me Marathon”.”
5) It's a Process – Be patient with yourself.
Everything That Is Negative Needs To Be Forgiven Or Transmitted & Released to allow growth of what you really want to bring into your life.


Sabrina Nikol                      
Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment Initiator
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse


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Sunday, November 8, 2015


The circumstances put Soul in Me…

And there ain't no holdin Me…

I've got a Heart made of Gold in Me…

Hah, can you believe this is where I've been…

And when adversity comes again…

I'll deal with it then…I FEEL BETTER!!!
"A Little Better", Gnarles Barkley

Greetings Beautiful People,

How are you doing?  I can’t believe its already November!!!  As this year wraps up, I must address FORGIVENESS of self and others because it’s the GOLDEN NUGGET to sustain health, achieve peace, freedom and self-love.  Over the last few years, I’ve observed how important the partnership of the emotional/physical connection can either become a part of suffering, or a part of the healing process.
Suppressed anger and resentment can manifest from the past, present, childhood, a soul contract, etc.
Forgiveness is not about accepting undeserved behavior, its about releasing yourself from carrying around the burden of that behavior!!!
Bless our family Elders!!!  They were taught to withstand, be strong & keep it moving to survive, unknowingly leaving trails of residue and baggage that is often buried in the subconscious…lets face it, they had ish to do and we’ve got ish to do too!!!  Who knew or had time (especially back then) to dig deep on an emotional level for healing. 
The Universe is shifting quickly…it feels like old unclaimed baggage is beginning to float to the surface.  Personally, I have found some issues from the past surrounding forgiveness that I was unaware of!  When we store negative emotions, they don’t just go away, they are stored in the body/mind…no matter how long ago the event took place.  Louise Hay wrote this amazing book called “Heal Your Body” that I reference often.  There are sooo many physical illnesses or dis-eases associated with deep rooted anger, blame, rejection & guilt.  Here are a few:
Acne/boils/warts, Aids, Alzheimer’s, Anorexia, Arthritis, Baldness, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, Fibroids/Tumor/Cysts, Hemorrhoids, Urinary/Yeast/Viral infections…etc…
I am aware some of these illnesses are hereditary, but think about it, the emotional-physical link was unheard of back then.  Therefore, the cycle continues to the next generation.

Forgiveness of yourself and others will release you from the prison of the past…
L. Hay

Is there anything coming up for you or perhaps something you don’t want to deal with because it brings up unpleasant memories?
If your body’s calling, and you’re ready to pick up the line, or if you feel stuck, ask yourself “do I need to forgive myself, others, a situation?”  The answer could present in any form…songs, situations, books, movies, thoughts or visions…don’t dismiss anything…there is no such thing as a coincidence.
"What We Resist…Persist"
Its never too late to Forgive & acknowledge thoughts or feelings that cause emotion, mental or physical obstacles.  You will be surprised how your own genuine concern & curiosity can begin to open up the path of enlightenment & freedom.  
Can you relate?  Feel free to leave comments below.


Sabrina Nikol                                           
Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment Initiator
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse


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Sunday, October 4, 2015


“You think I'm so fresh…
You think I'm so clean…
You think I'm so sweet…
What is it You think You see?
It's The God in Me!”

Mary Mary

Greetings Beautiful Ones,

I’ve been reflecting on the events that took place during the month of September & several words pop into my mind; “Transition”, “Restoration”, “Unexpected Arrivals & Abrupt Departures”, “Enlightenment”, “Awareness” & “Gratitude”.  The depth of these words are constantly surrounding Us (Sending Radiant, Divine, Loving, Healing Light to Those in Need & Open to Receive).  Although we cannot understand all of it, there is always a divinely guided blueprint behind the scenes that knows EXACTLY what’s going on…
Prayer – I pray often…some structured (due to my catholic school upbringing) and most of it is a personalized unedited chat authentic to what feels right for me.  I felt so disconnected in Catholic school because to me, religion class felt more like a test to memorize events rather than enlightenment on how I could learn from the lessons as they apply to my daily living.  I LOVE the church…there is nothing like the sweet smell of frankincense, the beautiful stain glass windows, colossal cathedral ceilings and the high vibrational chanting with song & instrumentation as it echoes throughout.  To this day, when I go to church, I become very, very emotional…quickly!!!  Make no mistake, I know how to stand in my power and “dip into my bag to pull out that BK ish” if the circumstances call for it, but like all of us, we are built with many layers…it’s all about balance…
Prayer is a conversation (Universal chat)  you can have anytime and anywhere in whatever language you choose…Source speaks all tongues fluently.  Thoughts and prayer have much power to hold Your intentions.  Remember, you always have an open invitation to chat it up and embrace The God In You


Sabrina Nikol

Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment Initiator
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse


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Sunday, September 6, 2015


Nutty Is My New Normal!!!
                                                     Sabrina Nikol

Greetings Beautiful Ones,

The end of summer is here!!!  Parties…gatherings…events….vaca!!! We just wrapped up our end of summer cookout a couple of weeks ago and I must send much love, blessings & congratulations to all who stepped out of their comfort zone and calmly rocked the mic at our annual dedication/express yourself cookout.  It takes a lot to “step up” so “GO YOU” to EVERYONE who “stepped out of the box” this summer & tried something new (whether you wanted to or NOT!!!)
In the last 7 days, I’ve heard from people sharing their ideas & wanting to know if they were crazy for attempting to pursue them. We are guided in many ways to “step out” and explore the unknown.  Even if you are surrounded by the “what ifs”, NO ONE will do it quite like you do.  I tell them “if you think your crazy then we should get matching straight jackets because My Nutty IS The New Normal!!!”  I have been experiencing and embarking on things I never thought existed (implementing authenticity & integrity along the way) for a while now!!!  Like others, I sometimes find myself doing the double dutch dance as well.  The funny thing is, I’ve always looovvveeed jumping double dutch growing up!!!  You know what I’m saying…when those 2 ropes sequentially create a whirling rope-complex, its all about communicating with your turners, timing (moving your body back and forth), concentrating, possessing the courage to trust & jump in, exercising discipline by keeping your feet high enough off the ground to stay in the game & remaining in rhythm.  Believe me, I’ve experienced and saw a few minor casualties, but we kept on jumping because it was fun & challenging. 
In life, taking the leap into “the unknown” is just like that…hence “the double dutch dance”.  You never know what awesomeness can be waiting after you jump in.  Be mindful to shake off the haters, dream-busters, and the self-sabotage-afraid-to-fail-succeed syndrome. Take small steps if you get sidetracked, you are not alone.  Remember, like a new day begins with a sunrise, your ideas and dreams can too…sooo get off the bus, jump yo a$$ in and lets play!!!

I can truly relate, can you?  Feel free to leave a comment or contact me to chat if you would like more tea about my personal “double dutch dance”.


Sabrina Nikol
Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment Initiator
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

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FYI:  Double Dutch should become a part of the physical education curriculum.  Jumping Double Dutch during gym class would have kept me out of night school at Washington Irving H.S. taking double gym!!!  Trust, the class was packed with girls making up gym for the same reasons: physical education class had no structure what so ever, it was  boring & placed on our schedules either 1st period or last period.  I’ve learned in 2009, DD was officially sanctioned a sport in New York City high schools.  As of 2015, an investigation conducted by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights confirmed the school system violated the Title IX law that prohibits sex discrimination in education, estimating that an additional 3,862 spots for girls in athletic programs would be needed to level the playing field.  Double Dutch is fun, a full body workout and encourages teamwork & discipline. I Manifest before my daughter reaches high school, double dutch will be incorporated into the physical education curriculum & actively recognized/realized as a competitive sport…I’m watching this…Your thoughts?



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Friday, August 7, 2015


“True happiness comes not when we get rid of all of our problems, but when we change our relationship to them, when we see our problems as a potential source of awakening, opportunities to practice, and to learn.”
                    Richard Carlson

Greetings Beautiful Ones,

Happy August!!!  Are you enjoying the summer?  I’ve realize there is sooo much energy being wasted on thoughts/words/actions that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!  Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in drama then ask yourself “’what exactly does this have to do With Me?” If you step back and look at the big picture, sometimes the answer is “NOTHING”, or you may find yourself at center stage of creating/participating in an episode that is playing out before your very eyes.  Sometimes it’s necessary to ride it out, stay in your own lane, step aside or fall back!!! Other times you are called to ACTION to go deeper.
Next time you find yourself or others in a situation where the same drama is presenting over and over again, ask:
“Can I be attracting this situation?”

“Shall I choose to respond (=investigation, thought and inner guidance) or react (=reckless!)???”

“Am I power trippin (“The Dramatics”, directed, written, produced by ME)?”

“Am I addicted to drama? Do I need a life?”

“Is the drama giving me a rush?”

 “What am I avoiding in my own life by wasting time on this situation?

“What can I say or do to shift the outcome?”

If its legitimately Not Your Issue or Instigated by You in anyway, do not own that energy, it’s toxic!!!  Remember, there is a direct connection with your emotional state of mind & how your body decides to get your attention later.  If it’s not your issue, don’t take ownership of it.  Personally, I imagine hearing the “Whateva Man” instrumental & envision grooving the toxic energy bopping from the top of my crown down & out of my bodies, thru my feet into the earth (ground) …then I dust myself off and keep it moving!!!  I’ve also found this technique very effective when I release undesirable messages courtesy of Fego (fear & ego) from the mind:


There are many times you must stand in your power by responding & reacting.  We are all Spiritual Beings living this Human Experience…it is what it is… at the end of the day:

“There Are Soul Contracts To Be Fulfilled, Journey’s To Be Experienced, Lessons To Be Learned And Fun To Be Had!!!”

Time and Energy are too precious to waste…The choice always remains with You.


Sabrina NikolHealing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment Initiator
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

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