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…“I don’t know Dahling Luck Favors The Prepared”
Edna "E" Mode, Super Suit Designer/Showstoppa/Diva, The Incredibles 
Greetings Beautiful Ones!!!
Do you believe 2013 is almost a wrap!!!  I know many people who are ready to bring the Goodness & Newness into 2014, but not sure where to start.  Manifestations/Intentions/Affirmations/Declarations are all very closely related within our state of being.  Whatever term you use to “bring forth” positive change into your life, make no mistake, they all have a tremendous amount of power.

Oh Yes!!! Often times, we have been conditioned to react by 
stressing the situation with a negative outcome.  It is a tactic we use to cushion the blow or create a shield to avoid being sad, disappointed or let down.  It is a safety net for our emotions.  I know it’s a habit, but we can start by clearing the blocks of old beliefs & programming by identifying 3 common undesirable/destructive phrases.

For example:
“I can’t” = a sign of defeat, in urbanesk, “Don’t go hard, just go HOME!”..ouch right…
“I’ll try” = a set up and excuse to fail, or, “Plan B, NEXT!”
“I hope” = a possibility for the future, yet not fully believable, “It’s a crap shoot, soooo keep it MOVIN!”

“I hope” is something I’ve said a lot & currently working on eliminating from my vocab.  It’s a process, because I’ve been accustomed to saying it.  I’ve replaced “I hope” with “I manifest ” or “I intend”.  By “intending” or “manifesting”, you are shifting the energy so that what you are reaching toward is also reaching toward you in an assuring way…LIKE A BOOMERANG!!!

For example: 
“I manifest happiness in my life”
“I intend I am healthy”
“I manifest a steady flow of income in my life”

The questions you can ask yourself now are:
Can you see this?  {happiness, being healthy, steady flow of income?}
Do you believe this? {you can be happy, healthy, bring forth a steady flow of income?}

Begin to visualize what that would look like for you.

If you’re not sure right now, its ok, that old safety net, outdated programming & beliefs may be the reason.  Only You can decide when it’s time to break the cycle. 

This month, I challenge You to a 3 day challenge to uncover 1 destructive/un-empowering phrase you say often. 
Lets Ante up by thinking about what constructive/empowering phrase You can replace it with.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions, or post your comments below.

As always, Remember, We All Have A Back Story…Do Your Best to Be Fair And Find Compassion....We Are All Here To Learn...

Sabrina Nikol
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse (
Angel Reiki III Practitioner/Master Teacher Level

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