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"Life is Really Very Simple.  What We Give Out, We Get Back."
Louise L. Hay

Greetings & Happy Holidays Beautiful People!!!  I’ve received many responses from people who have done the 3 day challenge with their children, spouses, friends, significant/insignificant others or el solo.  (SeeThese Are The Words That I Manifest…I Manifest!!! Part I”, Nov. 2013 blog)  The kids were excited to have an opportunity to call out their parents without getting in trouble, and the parents were excited to check their kids without the back draft or pity party.  They turned the challenge into a game - whenever someone said that undesirable/destructive phrase (i.e.I can’t”) they made a buzzer sound that felt as if they were being stunned with a Taser!!.  Not only was it fun, they also realized their patterns of saying those words and creative ways on how to replace them with something positive.
Let’s Manifest/Intend!! - The Results
Some feedback I’ve collected regarding this “Manifesting Thang”, were increases in money flow, peace of mind from “hi hater” personalities at work/school, job opportunities from unexpected sources, & assistance in opening up creative solutions about pending situations. Some Manifestations/Intentions are still in progress, and some are being revised.
Personally, I Chose To Manifest An Awesome, Smooth-Flowing Productive Weekend For My Highest Good And The Highest Good Of All.  I started reciting & imagining what that would look and feel like on Friday eve.  On Saturday, with my Awesome Smooth day in progress, I landed in Brooklyn looking for a parking spot on Fulton St. between Classon & Nostrand Ave. Yes...yall New Yawkas already know…Fuhgeddaboudit!!!  I held my faith and my vision, so I pulled into an open spot beside a fire hydrant & took a moment to look over my “to do” list.  When I looked up, the person behind me was pulling out of that spot, and the people parking in front of me were walking toward their car to leave as well!!!  It was like that all day/eve!!!  I believed, had faith, and envisioned my best outcome.
Now, let’s get real, it doesn’t always work that way.  Some manifestations/intentions will present in perfect time (not your time!) so they may take longer, some may need to be modified or perhaps, it’s not for your highest good.  Don’t stress if you feel it’s not going to happen because you can be unintentionally, sending it away.  Continue to visualize and paint that picture without doubts, fears or questions.
Let’s Seal The Deal
Stating “For Your Highest Good & The Highest Good Of All” is like placing a period at the end of what you wish to Manifest/Intend, it seals the deal!  I first learned this from Diana Dorell, Your Intuitive Relationship Coach, Practitioner®, my Mentor, Reiki Master, CEO of Angel Reiki Academy® & Goddess Supreme +++ (Thanks Diana), & co-signed by the Intenders Group & additional Spiritual Teachers. 
In other words,
whatever you are Manifesting will be for the best outcome for You & for All.
Think about it, would you want anything but the best result for what you are Manifesting in your life?
What I Manifest for you:
I Manifest All Of My Beautiful People Love, Peace, Balance, Good Health & Infinite Abundance Now And For The New Year For Your Highest Good And The Highest Good Of All…And So Shall It Be..So Be It.
It’s never too late to begin the challenge detailed in Part I.  What have you got to lose?
Due to an overwhelming response to, I am Manifesting instructing mini workshops (via in-person/Skype) beginning late winter/spring 2014 based on:
·       Previous Individual Blog Topics
·  Reading & Reiki Collabo Party - {Psychic Reading with Psychic/Medium Joan Motta & Angel Reiki/Energy Healing with Yours Truly}
·    Hot Topic:  “Am I Buggin Or Should I Be On Medication?  Spilling The Tea On Real Encounters With The Angels & Beyond”
·       Private Or Group Angel Tarot Card/ Psychic Reading Party
·       Private Or Group Angel Reiki/Energy Massage Party
·   It’s all about the Chakras Baby!!! What is my body telling me?” Education, Demonstrations & Chakra Balancing Party.
Pick a topic (from above) that you and/or your peeps may want to dish about.  Feel free to contact me at for more information or if you would like to host a fun & enlightening session for a small group. 

You already know, We All Have A Back Story…Do Your Best…Be Fair And Find Compassion....We Are All Here To Learn...

Sabrina Nikol
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse (
Angel Reiki III™ Practitioner/Master Teacher Level

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