Tuesday, September 3, 2013


“There are Soul Contracts to be fulfilled, journeys to be experienced, lessons to be learned and fun to be had!!!” Sabrina Nikol

Welcome and Greeting Beautiful Ones!!!
It feels like a major shift of intentions & actions is going down.  As if the layers are being pulled back and the “The Truth” is stepping up - Ready or Not.  We are living in a time of Rebirthing & Recreating.  Change is very necessary!!!  It’s time to ANTE UP YALL!!

This leads me to pass on the knowledge and share “The People Stats” and let’s Get Real about identifying who is in your world!!  Thanks D. Iwaniw

“The People Stats”
60% of the people you meet Really Don't Care About You!!! - Harsh But True!! For Example, I Was On The A Train When This Man Gets On The Train With A Kitten Comfortably Strapped To His Shoulder Saying He Needs Money So They Can Transport Back To The Planet Felinedome…While This May Be Entertaining, Some People Are Thinking “As Long As This Kra Kra Man & His Traveling Cat Doesn’t Come Over Here With That Mess, I Really Don’t Care”!  {I kept this example soft & pink, but yall know what I mean} Yup!!!” - Some Just Won’t Care, And That’s Ok - It Is What It Is!!!  Some Of You Can Relate, So Therefore, You Are Part Of Someone’s 60% Too.  Don’t Judge!!!

20% of the people you meet Aren’t Going To Like You No Matter What!!  In Urbania/Ebonica they’re called “The Haters” Aka “Angels Of Integrity Testers On Earth” {wow really?} - They Spark The Emotions Within Us.  Perhaps they see something within you that they desire to see within themselves.  If Everything Was Always Peaches And Cream All Of The Time, How Would We Ever Know That There Is Ish And Decay Among Us As Well = The Entire Truth - It’s A Balancing Act!! Yes - They Piss Us Off, Motivate Us, Follow Us And Unintentionally, Promote Us Too!!!  “Why Me” You Ask...there’s a Lesson to be Learned so Just Say “Thank You Haters”!!!

20% of the people you meet, Best Of All, The Beautiful People, Are Going To Love You No Matter What!!!  You Can Climb The Roof And Sing In The Nude For All To View On YouTube, And Still They Love You…They May Not Tell You Often, Or At All, But You May Just Find A Little Cash In Your Commissary, Or They Could Mail A Birthday Card To Your Cell Block If You Get Locked Up For Indecent Exposure.  Don’t Test Them Often Because At The End Of The Day, Sometimes, They Must Love You From A Distance - this may look like Your Don’t Care 60% with a hint of Your Hi Hater 20%, But that’s For Their Own Peace Of Mind.  No Worries, They Will Still Be That Beautiful 20% For You.  Cherish, Honor & Respect This Crew - Always!!!

Let’s review:
* Your Don't Care 60% - “it is what it tis” - Don’t Judge your someone 60% too!!
* Your Hi Hater 20% - Their job is to test & inspire you - try not to mirror that energy, it’s not healthy - Thank you @#%$&! Haters!!! xoxo
* Your Beautiful 20% - Cherish, Honor & Respect them - remember this 20% Love’s Ya!!!


Sabrina Nikol
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse
Angel Reiki III/Master-Teacher

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