Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Free your mind, and the rest will follow…En Vogue

Happy Happy July Beautiful Ones!!!!
It’s Summer Summer Summer Time…For Real!!!  Ok, I must share a topic with you that has presented often thru my course of study and reality.  Old programming & beliefs taught in the past, may not carry the weight of what is going on at the present time.
Think about it, some of us were told to believe everything that happens should have a logical & rational explanation.  My beliefs and experiences have proven this is NOT always the case, especially regarding the topic of Love or Spirituality.    Interestingly, those within the scientific community quietly & secretly scratch their heads questioning antiquated theories as well.  Some rigid thinking or shields may have been inherited, (in this lifetime or a previous) some for your highest good at the time, to protect you…as a safety mechanism, to keep your mind/heart safe.  However, as maturity sets in & curiosity expands, those security techniques may feel like barriers around you preventing personal growth or forward movement.  One major blockage can be fear of failure of self or through the eyes of others.
If you identify the same issues occurring and find yourself continuously justifying them with old beliefs/programming or tired scenarios, it may be time to re-examine and possibly modify them as they apply to your current experience.  This is doable.  Many things that seemed impossible 10, 20, 30++ years ago, have become a reality today.  For example, could you foresee the ability to communicate with the world without going to the library or leaving your home, even further, sitting in the park with this palm size device without a phone jack or power outlet?  Did you ever think you would be able to keep in touch with friends & family all around the world by video chat or thru one of the many social media outlets we have today?   Could you imagine paying bills, attending school by earning degrees, certifications or diplomas in your pajamas?  Evolution Is Infinite in all areas of life.
Sometime we forget We Have The Power To Choose & Change Outdated Patterns.  Our individual thought process & action plan will ultimately demonstrate how the outcome will manifest into ones’ current reality.
Ready or Not...

There Are Soul Contracts To Be Fulfilled, Journey’s To Be Experienced, Lessons To Be Learned And Fun To Be Had!!!


Sabrina Nikol
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

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