Monday, March 3, 2014


T.G.S.I.N = Thank God Spring Is Near!!! YEA!!!
........Sabrina Nikol
Greetings and Happy March Beautiful People!!!  Ok, I feel and see the anxiety associated with this Climate Roller Coaster.  I can also relate to this ride feeling all of the peaks and valleys in my personal life experiences...As If the weather is Imitating Life Itself.  (Especially during this last Mercury Retrograde.)

Let’s reminisce for a momento on our childhood when we couldn’t wait for the white flurries to fall…Remember those carefree snow days?  At the present time, we converse about how “the stuff” has forced plans to be altered, being immensely inconvenienced, and/or perhaps you missed out on some dineros at the gig.  However, the Elements are not to be ignored and demanding our attention NOW!!!  I’ve reflected and found 3 reasons to express gratitude as “One To Grow On” within this Snow Extravaganza!

1) It’s Time Too Slow Down!!!  “The Shift” has forced us to do this whether we like it or not!  As a result, we’ve spent quality time at home, caught up on projects or tasks that have been left undone or JUST RELAXED!!!  I know many people who’ve caught up on sleep time and relaxed during this period.  For me, I started out taking a quick power nap and it turned into “is it morning already” Type Rest!!!

2) The Workout!!!  If you were concerned about gaining weight or unsure about getting to the gym or exercising this winter, Mother (Nature) has given you a way to tone up and slim down thru the obstacle course of jumping, leaping, sliding & moving with all of that heavy attire to get to and from your destinations, shoveling and digging your cars and walk areas out, playing in the snow with the kids (for a hot 3 minutes or less!!!), or just abandoning that car (you will eventually have to dig out) and walk.  A free work out, courtesy of  Mother Nature!!!  Thanks MoNa…

3) Spring Is Almost Here!!! I feel we will All be More appreciative this season and spend more time outdoors to enjoy the rebirth of warm weather. Yes?  Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!

Is this a sign of Divine Intervention?  Could this be Divinely Planned?  The color of Snow is a Spiritual Energy color that represents Comfort and Protection.  Is the Universe purposely hitting the Pause Button and giving us a “Time Out” for our Highest Good??  If so, I must say:


Hmm...One to Grow On


Sabrina Nikol

The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

Angel Reiki III™ Practitioner/Master Teacher Level

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