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If You Don't Love Yourself,
How In The Hell You Gonna Love Somebody Else?  
Can I Get a AMEN!!!........RuPaul
Greetings and Happy Love Love Beautiful People!!!  I intend all are very thankful for warmth and shelter these days, as I am.  Just as the weather is shifting like mad all over the globe, You may be experiencing a shift within Yourselves as well.  It may feel like something You can’t seem to explain, an itch You can’t seem to scratch, or an issue that You’re not ready to deal with yet.   No worries!!!  You’re not alone.  Let’s explore whatever “that is”.  It may be in search of a roadmap back to the “Self”
The Most Important Relationship You Will Ever Have Is The One You Have With Yourself!
People come and go, relationships change, things get old, children grow up and move on…the reasons and the seasons are full of beginnings and endings.  Life is in a constant state of movement.
As Caregivers, Benjamin-Bringer$, Nurturers, Shot-Callers, Disciplinarians, Hustlers from all genders, sometimes we are All That, to Everyone.  It gets exhausting even though we are built for it.  However, being that anchor which supports others ALL of the time, we sometimes loose ourselves in the process & feel overwhelmed.  If You feel that might be something You're experiencing, ask Yourself….
How Do I Love ME?
Loving Yourself or Self-Love means caring about and taking responsibility for Oneself, respecting and knowing Oneself enough to be being realistic and honest about One's strengths and weaknesses.  In and under several situations, You Must Love You more than Your circumstances and not allow guilt to fool You into believing otherwise.  For example, remember that time when You could have handled a situation one way but You decided to take a different approach even though it made others uncomfortable?  Others may have bit#!ed & moaned about Your choice, yet You stood Your ground despite choosing to go with what was popular or to please another? Congrats to You!!!  I Salute You!!!  Now go and do Your “I’M THE ISH” dance & add a 15 minute massage to go with that overdue mani/pedi Boss!
What Have You Done For You Lately?
Its ok to Love Yourself enough to do something special for Yourself.  You deserve to be rewarded and Self-Care is essential for healthy Self-Preservation.  I’ve learned thru the practice and continuous study of Metaphysics, when You begin to internalize all of the “stuff”, first, it can affect Your Emotional State (holding it all in), then it can develop into physical discomfort within Your body.  For example, feeling emotionally distressed from money/fear/safety issues, can directly affect You (@ the Root Chakra) physically resulting in lower back, pelvis, foot or intestinal irritation.  It’s Your body warning You to check Yourself!!!  Not to be misunderstood, expressing emotions, in a healthy way, is normal, We Are Human!!!  However, suppressing them for too long can prove problematic.
Take the time to do something You Love, You like, something You’ve been putting off, or something that You are passionate about.  Let’s keep it REAL, We’ve Got Things To Do!!!  True, but Balance Is Mandatory!  Again, You don’t want to internalize all of the “stuff” too long.  To Nurture Yourself, it doesn’t have to be a trip to Aruba (at least not yet {get to manifesting that one!!!}), it can be as simple as:

  • Grooming: Hair done/manicure/pedicure/hot bath with candles (use caution) etc. ( 
  • Treat Yourself to a/with a __________________
  • Take a class/course or pick up that instrument (currently collecting dust) (
  • Pick up that pen and start writing/journaling
  • Go to the movies/a play/a game/a performance (
  • Lock Yourself in Your room with Your favorite snack and watch a movie/or read that book You’ve been talking about watching/reading for MONTHS!!! 
  •  Host a FunShop inviting a few friends - Facilitated by Me
  • Yall know what I mean.
Need a sitter, ask someone You trust.  You will never know until You ask.  You might be surprised at the possibilities of opportunities that can open up when you Just Go 4 It.
Everythang Ain’t For Everybody!  Be Kool With That!!!
Everything isn’t for Everyone so stop worrying about what people might think of You…Just Go 4 It…Its ok to Love Yourself first.  Everyone will not be on the same path or find the joys in things that You Love all of the time.  You can totally adore Yourself, Love Your uniqueness, plus Love Your people too.  If they can’t seem to support You, again “Everythang ain’t for Everybody”, some things are left for You to do El Solo.  Be ok with that too.  You can totally Love them from a distance without them being part of Your immediate circumference at the same time.  It’s Do You Time!!!
You Deserve It & You Will Thank Yourself Later For It!!!
Additional details and exercises will be incorporated in my One Love FunShop.  If You want to To Feel Supported on this Blog Topic (or others), gather A Few Friends & Host A FunShop. You Deserve It! Email me at:

Sabrina Nikol
Purequest44 - The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse
Angel Reiki III™ Practitioner/Master Teacher Level

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