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 …I convey that We Must do Away With all the stress and the strife, so God Bless your Life, Use kindness, and never blindness And you will Find that this perspective is Best, check it out….Guru, Gang Starr
Greetings & Happy New Year Beautiful People!!!  I intended you had a wonderful Holiday.  I spent New Year’s Day in Brooklyn @ our Mecca with some Earth Angels feasting on good food, facilitated a “Your Outta Here!” Release it & Burn it ceremony, tarot readings and toasted in gratitude & 2014 Intentions.  It was Nice!!!  Let’s finalize 2 additional areas I must share with you regarding Manifesting/Intending!!!
Karma - actions or deeds (good-positive/bad-negative & all in between) that result in cause and effect.  In otherwords, whatever you send out, comes right back to ya… like a BOOMERANG!!!
For example, if You Are Intending in a destructive way …Karma Awaits…& vice versa.
You Don’t Have To Take From Others, To Receive…There Is An Abundance Of Everything, Despite the opinions of Outside/Inside Sources…So Manifest & Intend Wisely..
When we express gratitude we are saying thank you to the universe for what we have received or will receive.  We recognize & appreciate the connection or “hook up”.  For example, this month, when the bills arrive in the mail…
Instead of feeling/thinking/saying:
OMG @#%$&! Bills!!!
You could think/say something like this or customize it to fit your personality:
I bless all of my bills with love, I am grateful for electricity, food, heat & shelter.  I intend financial abundance is in my path & I turn every experience into an opportunity for increase for my highest good and the highest good of all.
Let’s Manifest/Intend - The Recap
1.     Your Thoughts Have Power!! - It is important to become consciously aware of what you say, how you think and talk to yourself & others. 

·  Go 4 it: Start identifying & replacing common undesirable / destructive words you say with something constructive (SeeThese Are The Words That I Manifest…I Manifest!!! Part I”, Nov. 2013 blog) & (SeeThese Are The Words That I Manifest…I Manifest!!! Part II”, Dec. 2013 blog).
2.       Go 4 it:  Write down what you wish to manifest (i.e. happiness, good health) -Do you believe it? Deserve it? If not, can you fake it until you make it your own?
3.      Go 4 it:  Begin to visualize what that would look like for you.  Some manifestations/intentions will present in perfect time (not your time!) & for your highest good.
4.      Go 4 it:  By stating “For Your Highest Good & The Highest Good Of All” at the end of your intention, means whatever you are manifesting will be for the best outcome for yourself and for all.
· Karma - Good, Bad or Indifferent, whatever actions or deeds you send out comes back..eventually..
5.     Go 4 it:  Gratitude - Acknowledging your appreciation to open up the path to greatness & increase.

I Manifest All Of My Beautiful People Love, Peace, Balance, Good Health & Infinite Abundance Now And Always For Your Highest Good And The Highest Good Of All…And So Shall It Be..So Be It.

I’ve combined "I Manifest" with my “Your Outta Here!” Release it & Burn it ceremony since they go so well together as a “Mini FunShop” (formerly “Workshop”) for discussion/release/creation at house parties/events ++ beginning soon.
Happy Manifesting / Intending / Affirming / Declaring in 2014!!!
Sabrina Nikol
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse (
Angel Reiki III™ Practitioner/Master Teacher Level

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