Thursday, May 7, 2015


“No one can make You feel inferior…
Without Your Consent”…  Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy May Beautiful People!!!

Greetings All!!!  Next month marks my 2 year blog anniversary!!!  YESSS!!! I needed to set this off by remixing a past blog that is on point with the energy today.  As we begin to finally peel off those harsh winter layers to welcome Spring (For Real), "THE TRUTH" is also in Bloom!!!  It’s time to ANTE UP, so let’s put on those night vision goggles or open up that Third Eye Chakra to identify whose in your world, what roles they play, and how you can benefit from the lessons!!!  Thanks Denise Iwaniw
“The People Stats”
60% of the people You meet Really Don't Care About You!!!  Harsh But True!!! For example, in NY especially around tourist sites, sometimes there's sooo much activity you can just stand still to wait for something interesting to happen.  When people are entertained, they will watch, perhaps make a contribution and then keep it moving. The same applies to people you come in contact with on a daily basis.  It Is What It Is!!!  Some Of You Can Relate, So Therefore, You Are Part Of Someone’s 60% Too.  Don’t Judge!!!

20% of the people You meet Aren’t Going To Like You No Matter What!!!  In Urbanesk/Ebonica they are called “The Haters” Aka “Angels Of Integrity Testing On Earth”.  I am not a fan of the word “Hater”, but it must be addressed in this scenario.  This 20% can be tricky - Sometimes a part of this group has quietly nested into your inner circle…bless them still.  They Spark The Emotions Within Us.  Perhaps They see something within You that they desire to see within themselves.  And/or their behavior may ignite something in You that relates to an issue You must work on within Yourself.  Haterators can actually help you to remember a lesson you’ve been avoiding on a conscious or unconscious level  (We are all a work in progress my dears).  The Act of Hateration can also be an alarm for you to take your victory lap, to say “I’m the ish!!!!  GO ME x 3!!!”  Self-Love, Gratitude and Acknowledgement for Your Own Accomplishments (big or small) is Excellent for The Soul!!!  Life is about Balance - Joy, Pain, Sunshine & Rain…The Entire Truth!!! Yes - They Piss Us Off, Teach Us, Motivate Us, Follow Us And Unintentionally Promote Us Too – Free Advertising!!! You might think twice about hating back on a hater if you have a Brand to Expand or a Business to Build.  This is the kind of juice people love to dig for!!!  Guess what? Now they are digging for you, so use it to your advantage & flip it for your highest good and the highest good of all!!!  “Why Me” You Ask...there’s a Lesson to be Learned so Just Say “Thank You Haters”!!!
20% of the people You meet, Best Of All, The Beautiful People, Are Going To Love You No Matter What!!!  You Can Climb The Roof And Sing In The Nude For All To View On YouTube, And Still They Love You…They May Not Tell You Often, Or At All, But They Just Might Bail You Out or Leave A Little Cash In Your Commissary If You Get Locked Up For Indecent Exposure.  Don’t Test Them Often Because At The End Of The Day, Sometimes, They Must Love You From A Distance - this may look like Your Don’t Care 60% with a hint of Your Hi Hater 20%, But that’s For Their Own Peace Of Mind.  No Worries, They Will Still Be That Beautiful 20% For You.  Cherish, Honor & Respect This Crew - Always!!!
The Recap:
* Your Don't Care 60% - Don’t Judge…if YOU don’t want to be Judged -  remember, You’re someone else’s 60% too!!
* Your Hi Hater 20% - Their job is to test & inspire You for self-discovery, restoration and expansion – reciprocating this energy, is not healthy – Just say, Thank You @#%$&! Haters!!! Smooches!!!
* Your Beautiful 20% - Cherish, Honor & Respect them - remember this 20% Love’s you unconditionally while wearing the night vision goggles and all.
There are Soul Contracts to be Fulfilled, Journey’s to be Experienced, Lesson’s to be Learned and Fun To Be Had from all levels of the People Stats because we are ALL CONNECTED BY DESIGN.


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