Wednesday, April 2, 2014


No Diggity No Doubt!!!


This is my true story

Her name was Doubt, “D” for short. We had much fun together...D and I. Unfortunately, “D” has Two faces and one had more “face-time” than the other. For example, when I tried something new, she used to say, “You shouldn’t, you can’t, I don’t trust this...or believe that…what if you fail?” Even though I felt uncomfortable with this because it manifested a false sense of security, it was easy to justify not following thru with it, an easy way out - she was Fear-Ego based doubt aka Fego-D.
The other face, I Love this one, but she didn’t get much face time, because she was guided by that gut feeling, good, bad or indifferent...where you can almost feel her in your Soul. For example, “Take the other route there, you can do anything, take a chance, reschedule this for a time that works best for You & all involved or my fav, Push the Button Boo!!!”  I felt good about her because my body felt calm & assured that it was for my highest good - she is Intuition based doubt aka Intuit-D.
As I began to discover “The Me I Am In”, I realized that Fego- D was keeping Intuit-D on a short leash!!  She was ultimately holding me back, thereby creating a delay mechanism in re-discovering My Authentic Self. So I called in the Arch nemesis of Fear and Ego, Faith & Trust to give Fego-D the Slap Down, & regained the strength to end the affair and Set Myself Free.
Honestly, she, Fego-D, often tries to come back into my life saying, “forgive me” or “I’ve changed”.  During a moment of weakness, I took her back, only to realize she returned to her old confining ways. So when I feel her coming back, and she will because the Universe will lovingly test me to see if I am BS’n...Hey, it is what it is…I just “Shut Her Down”, By Declaring And Absorbing Into My Consciousness: “I Know Who You Are, I AM Aware, I Now Release All Fears and Doubts, I Realize that Stress Is Only Fear. Nothing Has Any Power Over Me, For I AM The Only Thinker In My Mind!!” (Thanks L. Hay) Then I release Fear & Ego and transform it into Support, Love, Faith & Trust for My Highest Good.  In essence, its healing for myself and ultimately for us all.
This is my Truth Beautiful Peeps.  If you can relate & would like to connect more on this topic, I will be conducting a short free informational chat session to help guide you to move that controlling Fego-D out of your path!!! If you’re interested, click the link to my Gmail account below to receive further information on the free chat (just place "No Doubt!!!" in the subject line & send.)  The choice is Always is...and Always will be.

At the end of the day:

“There Are Soul Contracts To Be Fulfilled, Journey’s To Be Experienced, Lessons To Be Learned And Fun To Be Had!!!”

Sabrina Nikol

The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

Angel Reiki™ Practitioner/Master Teacher Level 
{Just place "No Doubt!!!" in the subject line & send.}

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