Friday, May 2, 2014


Energy is neither lost nor destroyed, it is merely transformed from one form to another........The Ancients restated by Albert Einstein

Greetings and Happy May Beautiful People!!!  Last week, in preparation, I wasn’t sure whether to talk about music or Our Beautiful Peeps “For Our Highest Good” In Spirit, so I asked & received my answer with the quickness!!!  So here we go…
I feel many of us have been reminiscing often lately.  The times we live in now are very different then I remember growing up.  Back in the day, we begged, lied and schemed to get outside of the house to play, explore and have fun (no chargers realized or batteries necessary).  I recall loving visits to Our Family Home, what I affectionately call “The Mecca” to play outside within a family oriented neighborhood.  You never knew what family, friend or old acquaintance would stop by the house or where you might end up going that night.  While some are In Spirit and have Gone Home, we are reminded of their unique personalities:  kool-a$$ & unpredictable, fun-loving house dj, protective & charming, multi-talented & silly, energetically lovely, sassy & sweet, students & graduates from “The School of Hard Knocks”, and those who single handedly held us all together with Patience and Love. 
What I’ve discovered & confirmed personally, when it’s time to “Go Home” our physical bodies may expire, but our Soul is Infinite.  In other words, “Birth & Death are not a Beginning or an End, they’re simply events, designed by us and our Creator, in a perfect, unending continuum”.  So feel free to converse & reminisce . . . Know They Are Safe, Love Us Unconditionally, Support & Watch Over Us All . . . ALWAYS.



Sabrina Nikol
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse
Angel Reiki™ Practitioner/Master Teacher

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