Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Music Is The Answer…… Colonel Abrams
Music Is A Safe Kind Of High….Jimi Hendrix
Greetings and Happy June Beautiful People!!!  I’ve been thinking about the influence of music in my life.  I know many of us consider music to be the soundtrack of a particular time of our lives during the highs, lows and in between.  I particularly recall songs that defined the summer.  Remember when “Planet Rock” landed and took over the clubs, house, block parties & park jams during summer of 82, or when “Eric B is President”, “Sucker Mc’s”, Lisa Lisa’s “ I wonder if I take you home” dropped & locked it down, when Soul II Soul smashed out 2 songs that season, or when MJ’s “Thriller” reigned over all four seasons.  You heard these joints ALL DAY EVERYWHERE!!! 
When I tune into different music outlets now, I hear many jams from back in the day that always take me back.  My daughter loves the classics too.  The other day, “Good Times” by Chic was on the radio and she screamed “turn it up”, or when she was in preschool & asked to hear the “naughty song”…she meant Nautilus by Bob James….A Classic cannot be defined by a season or an era…Its Timeless!!!
Music speaks to our senses and emotions whether we realize it or not & the vibrational tones of music, both vocal and instrumental, are very therapeutic.  For my individual/group Angel Reiki sessions or Mini-Past Life Journeys, I use vibrational sound healing tones as a productive method of raising the frequency before a session. 
There are many healing benefits of music, physically & mentally:
·       Eases/reduces the intensity of pain, especially in geriatric care/intensive care
·       Increases workout strength and speed up post-workout ache recovery
·       Reduces stress/anxiety & Relieve symptoms of depression
·        Improves sleep quality/treats insomnia - (classical music)
·       Improves memory in reading, math, and reasoning skills
·       Elevates mood overall and while driving (personally house music all night long during road trips)
·       Helps people perform better in high-pressure situations
·       Relaxes patients before surgery & Ease stress after surgery
·       Helps cancer patients manage stress/ anxiety & eases recovery in stroke patients to communicate their feelings, manage stress, and ease physical pain and discomfort. +++++
So go ahead...”Pump Up The Volume”, “Sing A Song”, “Move Jump Jack Your Body”, “Make The Music With Your Mouth”, hey “Let’s All Chant” or “Play That Funky Music” and “Do Your Thing”!!!
Sabrina NikolThe Urbanesk Energy MasseuseAngel Reiki™ Practitioner/Master Teacher

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