Tuesday, August 5, 2014


In The Rhythm Of Life, We Sometime Find Ourselves Out Of Tune, But As Long As There Are Friends & Family To Provide The Melody, The Music Plays On…Azgraybebly Josland

Greetings Beautiful People!!! I Intend All Are Having A Wonderful Summer.  It Feels Like The Days Are Moving At The Blink Of An Eye, So If You Haven’t Done Anything That Brings You Joy Yet…Stop…Breathe…Push The Button And Do It Babe!!!
I Adore My Family & Friends!!! We Just Wrapped Up Our 4th Annual Dedication Express Yourself Cookout And It Was Wonderful.  We Also Celebrated the Born Day Of One Of My Uncles & I Still Hear The Family Chanting & Singing Raising The Vibration As We Wished Blessing On His Special Day. . . Much Love And Laughter From All Seen & Unseen.  The Vibe Was Awesome...A Moment I Will Never Forget.  The Weather Forecast Wasn’t Great For That Day, However, I Knew No Matter What It Might Look Like, The Final Verdict Was With Source…All Went Fabulous & It Was A Lovely Day/Evening!!!!
I Wanted To Tell You How Important You All Are And How Special You Are In Your Own Unique Ways…You May Not Realize It Yet, But You Are Phenomenal And Blessed.  Especially Now, We Are Being Guided To Go Deeper, Even If It Feels Uncomfortable.  I Know It Can Be A Challenge With All Of The External Chatter Of Society & Internal Fego (Fear/Ego) in your Face, but Something Deep Inside Is Trying to Communicate That:  It’s Time To Trust, Have Faith & Love Your Perfect Imperfections”.  I Love You And Source Loves You…That Unpleasant Space You May Be In Right Now, Is Not Here To Punish You, But Perhaps It Is Ready To Shake Something Up Inside Of You…To Empower You To Recognize There Is No One Else Like You In The World & There Is More To Identify Within Yourself…{And I Can Relate!!!  The Universe Is Doing Some Shakin & Bakin On Me Too!!! }  

Try this, Take A Journey Outside Of Yourself And Look In At Your Situation Like A Spectator - It Can Provide A New View Of Things For You.  Situations are Temporary.  Sometimes The Hardest Journeys To Be Experienced Or Lessons To Be Learned, Are The Ones We Wish To Avoid.  Take Small Bite-size Steps To Ask The Questions And Bring Forth Protection & Guidance.  Gradually You Will Be Directed To More Clarity.  The Answers May Present In Many Different Ways So…Pay Attention To the Signs . . . & Respond With Effort & Gratitude.


Sabrina Nikol
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse
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