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“Pain (any pain--emotional, physical, mental) has a message . . .
The information it has about our life can be remarkably specific . . .
Once we get the pain's message, and follow its advice, the pain goes away.”
-Peter McWilliams

Greeting Beautiful Ones,
I Intend All Are Well Feeling Grateful And Blessed … Or … If Your Somewhere In Between … That’s Kool Too!!!  Lately, I’ve been tuning in & tuning out to all of “the stuff” going on around the world and within.  During these times more than ever, it’s important to “check yourself” on what you absorb into your mind, body and spirit.

This leads me to talk about a Healing Source that is connected to everything we feel, say and experience.  I will attempt to give you a clear understanding of how they function in our lives.
Chakras Are Energy Centers Or Feeling Banks Shaped Like A Ball Or Circle, Located Along The Middle Of The Body From Above The Top Of Your Head Down To The Base Of Your Spine…And Beyond.
As We Go About Our Daily Lives, We Deposit Emotional Streams Through Thoughts, Feelings And Life Events That Filter Into Chakras Or Feeling Banks.
On One Level, When We Deposit Good Vibes/Thoughts, Fulfilling Life Events Into The Chakras, The Physical Body Withdrawals A Healthy Flowing State Of Wellbeing & Our Energy Levels Are In A Balanced State.
On The Other Level, When We Deposit Negative Vibes/Thoughts, Feelings & Challenging Life Events Into Our Feeling Banks, They Withdrawal This Overflow Of Energy To Alert The Physical Body To Respond In A Different Way To Get Our Attention.  Once Your Body Makes The Call, The Outcome Can Create Some Discomfort, Or Depletion Of Energy.  If You Still Don’t “Get The Memo!!!”, And Continue To Ignore The Call For A Period Of Time, The Physical Body Will “Ante Up” And Begin To Cause Illness Or Disease Within The Body.
So Often, We Place Our Own Wellbeing On The “Back Shelf” To Be Dealt With At A Later Time, Casually Self-Diagnose Ourselves Or Ignore The Signs.  I Can Relate!!! Recently, I Personally Encountered A Situation That “Shut Me Down”: 

I Was Soo Excited To Attend My Cousin’s Wedding…It Was The Event Of The Year And My Travel Team & I Were Packed And Ready To Go. . . Until . . . My Body Called…“Ring”… “HELLO You’re Now Going Anywhere Sabrina!!!  Go Sit Down And Take A Nap!!!” So I Said Ok, Napping Sounds Like A Good Idea. 
When I Woke Up, I Realized I Had An Allergic Reaction (1st Time Ever!!!) And The Right Side Of My Face Was Swollen, And I Felt Really Drained….Still, I Said “Nope!”  Let Me Swig Some Of My Daughters Allergy Meds (non-drowsy) & Have Cup Of Ginger Tea.  I Then Proceeded To Pack The Car For Our Trip…Well, While Driving On The Expressway, I Became Very Light Headed Then A Couple Of Unpleasant Visions Filled My Minds Eye.  This Forced Me To Get Off At The Next Exit With The Quickness!!! At This Point, I’m Starting To Fiiiinally Get It, But I Also Remembered There Was A Pathmark Close By, So I Went There To Check My Blood Pressure…It Was Not Good!!!  The Trip Was Ova!!! After Shopping For Weekend Goodies In Pathmark For My Travel Team, I Realized I Had Only Slept A Minimum Of 4-5 Hours That Entire Week!!!!  I Was Exhausted!!!  I Finally Got It!!!We Headed Home, I Unpacked The Car, Balanced My Chakras And Slept For 10 Hours!!!
The Next Morning, No Swelling, Bp Was Normal But I Was Still Very Tired…My Body Had Spoken!!!Loudly!!!
My Beauties, This Is Not Isolated To A Specific Demographic, No One Is Immune To This….We Are All Physical Beings Living This Human Experience, It Is Part Of Life.  We Have Joys, Trials, Triumphs, Drama, Obligations & Challenges on a Daily Basis.  It Is Important To Now Become Aware To Identify How We Process These Feelings In Connection With Our Physical State.

How I Can Be Of Service To You

As An Angel Reiki/Reiki/Energy Healing Practitioner, I Can Assist With Clearing/Balancing Chakras Or Feeling Banks By Maneuvering The Flow Along Energy Points.  This Process Is A Pressure-less Fully Clothed Massage At A Distance Or In Person.  All You Have To Do Is Be Open And Willing To The Process, Invite And Be Proactive To Shift Your Thoughts To Favorable Outcomes For Healing For Your Highest Good And The Highest Good Of All.
The Healing Techniques Are Extremely Beneficial When Energy Is Low Or Imbalanced Or When The Flow Is Restricted By Stress, Injury Or Illness.  Reiki Or Chakra Clearing Can Assist In Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Restoring Energy Where It Is Free Flowing & Balanced In A Place Of Natural Healing To Flow.  Feel Free To Call Or Email Me For More Info, Google Reiki or Ask Your Physician.
Here Are A Few Methods Which Can Help Balance The Chakras & Increase Ones’ State Of Wellness:

Take A Walk In Nature, In A Park, Near The Water, Beach, Boardwalk, Promenade, It Is Very Grounding
Breathing – Deep Breaths From The Top Of Your Head Down To Your Toes…In Thru Your Nose, Out Thru Your Mouth… This Is Very Relaxing & Helps To Regroup
Meditate – I Know Who Has The Time?  You Do, Start By Taking 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes And Just Close Your Eyes.  When You Start Reviewing The Laundry List Of Ish To Be Done In Your Mind, Get Out Of Your Head For A While And “Visualize Your Dream Vacation”..Yesssssss
Speak Your Truth – When You Hold “The Stuff” In, It Festers And Find A Home Within Your Physical Body.  Speak It in Whatever way it Feels Comfortable For You (Or Not), But Speak It!!!
Give Yourself A Time Out!! – Take The Time To Make The Time For Yourself (See The “One Love” blog for ideas)
Schedule A Free Consultation With Me – Lets Chat Or Book A Session – Check My Website Empowerandheal.Com To See How I Can Be Of Service To You, Your Group, Organization or Company.

There Are Soul Contracts To Be Fulfilled, Journey’s To Be Experienced, Lessons To Be Learned And Fun To Be Had!!!


Sabrina Nikol

The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse


P.S.  Thanks to all who tuned in for The Star Nations Magazine Hour with Host Denise Iwaniw. 

My interview with Denise is available on the archives for listening on The Star Nations Radio Network. 

I encourage all to stay tuned in for the spectacular programming to follow:

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