Thursday, December 4, 2014


“Be Thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more . . .
If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough” 
Oprah Winfrey

Happy Holidays Beautiful Ones,

As we wrap up this incredible year filled with shifts, transitions, releases, extreme unjustly events with an underlying personal theme of Grace, Gratitude and Humility, I felt it necessary to give Props where it was rightfully due by creating a “Gratitude List” to Express Appreciation thru all “The Stuff”:
I AM Thankful & Grateful for . . .
·       Heavenly Father Holy Mother God
·       Family, Friends, Clients, Acquaintances, Partners & Colleagues (Old, New & Future)
·       Mother Earth Father Sky++ & The Four Directions
·       My Spirit Family & Inner Child
·       Shelter/Heat/Hot Water/Clothing/Food/Transportation
·       All Exchanges of Energy For The Highest Good
·       Waking Up, Choices, Taking Time to Make Quality Time
·              All relationships are Loving, Supportive, Harmonious & Divinely Guided
·       Feeling uncomfortable recognizing change is near
·       Christmas In Brooklyn!!!  Yeeesssssss…
·       Love, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Faith & Trust
·       Grace, Gratitude, Humility, Intuition/Instinct
·       Transition/Releases & Divine Guidance/Channels
·       Identifying when I need to give ego the slap down to embrace Love and Compassion & when I must dip into my bag and pull out that Brooklyn-Ish to Stand In My Power with Self-Love, Integrity & Compassion
·       Moving in Alignment with My Soul’s Purpose(s)
·              Remaining in an Active State of Healing & Restoration For All
·              Growth & Compassion For All
·       A Constant Increase of My Income
·       Fulfilling Soul Contracts, Experiencing Journeys, Learning Lessons, Having Fun
·       Connecting to the Infinite Flow of Abundance
·       Surrounding myself with Others who Share My Vision
·       The Gifts of My Daughter & I, and All of Us Collectively, to Share Fearlessly With The World
·       Time Always working To My Advantage
·       Trusting Life & SOURCE Knowing All is provided in Completion, Abundance & Perfect Timing
·       All Authentic Organizations & Individuals Who are of Service to Protect, Educate and Serve Others, the Environment & Animals For Their Highest Good, and the Highest Good Of All
***I am Thankful The Light will ALWAYS defeat Darkness***
***As inequality becomes undeniably transparent, I am Grateful Truth and Justice Will Mandate A Divine Movement of Oneness To Prevail***
I Love You!!! Have a Wonderful Safe Holiday!!! 
My Intentions For All:  To Make Room For Progressive Steps to Release & Manifest in 2015!!! 


Sabrina Nikol
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

˚˚ ˚˚ ˚˚
Working In Alignment With Natural Health & Wellness Initiatives


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