Saturday, April 11, 2015


They'll find, I'll find, you'll find…

That beauty is skin deep….

It's not what you wear, it's just who you are…

And if we're going far then let so be it...BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE

                            Barbara Tucker

Greetings Beautiful Ones,
Happy April 11th!!!  How are you feeling?  Personally, I’ve reinforced my energetic shields to parlay thru the latest planetary shifts causing this new, improved & necessary “energetic roller coaster”!!! Wowzers!!! You are not alone…I’ve been conversing with people who have felt these intense emotional charges too!!!  {Feel free to check out “Your Body’s Callin”, Oct. 2014 blog & “One Love”, Feb. 2013 blogs for assistance on rebalancing}. 
On the “B” side, I have interacted with many, many “Beautiful People” in the last month +++.  From my affiliations (old, new and  rekindled ), to random interactions with others, I’ve witnessed some very kool acts + random acts of kindness.  Honestly, I Affirm, Intend and Manifest to align with greatness on a regular basis.  A.I.M. really works people…here’s the thing, after you do it, you must get out-of-your-way & allow!!!  When it arrives express gratitude...“Thank you & I align with more please”…Namaste…
This has inspired me to blog about You, my Beautiful People!!!  I was inspired by Barbara Tucker’s 1994, house joint “Beautiful People”.  The Music Is Bumping that “Boom Ch, Boom Ch, Boom Ch” (you know what I mean), +++ words are so deep…Love House Music…I can feel it in my Soul…especially lately!!!  I actually met Barbara Tucker one night in the early 90’s at Nell’s.  My promoter friend introduced us…Ms. Tucker had an amazing spirit!!! She asked me “did you hear my new song?”  I said, “no but I know it’s Beautiful!!!”  My friend gave me the stink-eye that read: “dag Brina why must you be so freakin’ honest!!!”  She was gracious and encouraged me to listen to it… When I heard this song, I said OHHH MYYY GOOODNNNESSS!!!  SORRY BARBARA, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS JOINT!!!
This is my anthem for You, the Entire Universe & Beyond.  I Affirm/Intend/Manifest More Beautiful People!!!…Here are the lyrics…perhaps you will agree…All We Need Is Love…& Beautiful People:

Take a look around at all the people
Everyone is trying hard to compete
If they only took the time
To look a little deeper
They'll find, I'll find, you'll find
That beauty is skin deep
It's not what you wear, it's just who you are
And if we're going far then let so be ittt…..
Beautiful, Is it what we need? Is it what we need? Ohhh
Everyone collides, but I'll abide
People need to be true to themselves
When will we stop hurting and learn to love one another?
Momma said, don't judge a book, by its cover
Cause soon you will discover
It's unnatural
Psychological, oh, oh
Sing with me, oh with me, work with me
Beautiful, People, Beautiful
Is it what we need? Is it what we need?
Is it what we need? Is it what we need?
Ohhh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Deep, deep inside, deep deep down inside, deep, deep,
Deep inside, deep, deep, down inside x2
All we need is love, Beautiful
Is it really hard to love another?
When space and race and colors not the same
It's time we start open our eyes
And take off the cover
To bigotry, evil mockery and even jealousy
Cause love is so much sweeter
With room to live our lives
Even if we sacrifice
Take one day at a time
We all can be….Beautiful, people
It’s what’s missing in this world….
Beautiful People!!!

Sabrina Nikol
Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment Initiator
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

Many thanks to all who checked out my interview at The Power Zone with DU by Host & Author Darlene A. Anderson, CEO of Darlene’s Utopia.
Thanks in advance to all who listen to the replay:
Making of Moguls II was Outstanding & Filled with Beautiful People!!!  Once again Darlene A. Anderson “The Motivational & Networking Guru By Nature”, facilitated a powerful conference for growth and expansion.  As a proud sponsor and speaker at this memorable event, I must give a Massive Thank you to Darlene A. Anderson for her successful dedication in all that she does.  To learn more about Making Of Moguls II and M.O.M. III in 2016, go to:
˚˚ ˚˚
Working In Alignment With Natural Health & Wellness Initiatives

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