Wednesday, March 11, 2015


"All Is Well...
Everything Is Working Out For My Highest Good...
Out Of This Situation, Only Good Will Come...
I Am Safe"… Louise L. Hay

Greetings Beautiful Ones,

Welcome to 3-11-15!!!  I felt compelled to begin with my personal affirmations for the month because there is a major shift being experienced by many of us.  On an emotional & mental level, the quotable is saying, “no matter what is going down, even if the situation or outcome may appear challenging”, by declaring "All is well...Everything is working out for my highest good or Out of this situation, only good will come...I am safe", can help calm you down and give the Universe time to fix the situation in the best possible way for all.  It may not happen in your time, or by your design, but it will manifest in perfect timing.  Use this test of faith to feed the mind and emotional connection, the most desirable outcome.  I know some of us do the opposite to get a handle on things imagining the worst case scenario first.  This is understandable.  Some things that worked before, aren’t working the same way anymore.  Remember, your thoughts have power!!! Instead, let it breathe for a moment, GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY & open up to the best outcome for all. 


For example, I have been pushing some shiny new buttons this year…Ready or Not!!!  At times, I have felt uncomfortable and uncertain; but the “nudging” and “soul calling” overrides All Of That!!!  (Plus the buttons are sooo purty and shiny!!!)  These feeling do reoccur, however, I realize that when we are uneasy about pursuing something, An Opportunity For Growth Is Waiting On The Other Side.  When I say “pushing shiny buttons”, to me, it means stepping into the Unknown & Trusting the Process.  As a result, growth and expansion was (& is) waiting for me on the other side.  So after completing the task, regardless of the outcome, I took my victory lap, did my “Go Me” dance, expressed gratitude, went into the zone to reinvent/tweak/modify remaining open and receptive for the next shiny button to explore.

When events come full circle back to you or that nudge to try something different reappears, there is a reason for it.  Perhaps it may be time to discover what that is for you, especially if its’ something that has been on your mind for a while.  It may give clarity or open up to possibilities you never thought existed.  Trust there will be a net to catch you or a first aid kit to treat temporary laceration(s).  Real tawk, there are Journey’s To Be Experienced, Lessons To Be Learned And Fun To Be Had during this lifetime…otherwise, we would be chillin’ in Utopia swinging in a hammock, sipping on some fruity drinks in a climate controlled environment…Lounging!!!   Guess what?  We choose to be here, why not begin to find out why???
What we Resist…Persists…Knowing is Growing.  Every small step you take calls for a victory lap.  YOU WILL surprise yourself and be a better person for having the courage to allow the process to unfold, instead of watching it pass you by….  An Opportunity For Growth Is Waiting On The Other Side…The Choice Always Remains With You…


Sabrina Nikol

Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment Initiator

The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse


Guess what???

The positive & enlightening experience of our No Doubt FunShop Sessions have inspired me to develop a new opportunity where I can be of service to you to thru helping Identify Blocks Thru Healing & Consulting To Take It To The Next Level.  More info to come!!!

Heads Up!!!

Hey Beautiful People, I am excited to share with you, in honor of Women’s Month I will be interviewed on The Power Zone with DU by Host & Author, Darlene A. Anderson, CEO of Darlene’s Utopia, Tonight Wednesday, March 11th at 10pm EST.  I am a sponsor for “*The Making of Moguls II*” & will discuss stress management identifiers, a service under my practice via “The Empowerment and Healing Channel”.

Thanks in advance for your support.

What Is *The Making of Moguls II*???
Are you an aspiring Entrepreneur or Owner ready to take your business to the next level?  
Are you ready to explore the possibilities by searching for options to grow and expand? 
Are you looking for amazing quality services within your community & beyond? 

Then “The Making Of Moguls II” Is The Place To Be!!! I attended "Part I" of this event last year… it was AMAZING & furnished a seasoned blueprint for elevation in business and in life!!! I am so honored to be a speaker & sponsor this year.
Topics to be covered:  *Public Speaking * Business Structure* *Accountant/Tax Preparation * Legal Services * Stress Management* 
Event Focus:  *Personal Branding * Professional Branding * Social Media Branding*

What To Expect:  *Networking* Guest Speakers* Presentations* *Workshops* Resources*

April 4, 2015, 8am-2pm
The Harvest Room
90-40 160th Street
Jamaica, NY 11432
Breakfast To Be served

Event Description:  *The Making of Moguls is a component of Darlene’s Utopia. This project will educate, motivate, and provide entrepreneurs with resources, as it relates to establishing successful businesses and maintaining them.*

Register Now:

Looking forward to seeing you at The Making of Moguls II!!!

Abundant Blessings!!!

˚˚ ˚˚

Working In Alignment With Health & Wellness Initiatives


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