Sunday, October 4, 2015


“You think I'm so fresh…
You think I'm so clean…
You think I'm so sweet…
What is it You think You see?
It's The God in Me!”

Mary Mary

Greetings Beautiful Ones,

I’ve been reflecting on the events that took place during the month of September & several words pop into my mind; “Transition”, “Restoration”, “Unexpected Arrivals & Abrupt Departures”, “Enlightenment”, “Awareness” & “Gratitude”.  The depth of these words are constantly surrounding Us (Sending Radiant, Divine, Loving, Healing Light to Those in Need & Open to Receive).  Although we cannot understand all of it, there is always a divinely guided blueprint behind the scenes that knows EXACTLY what’s going on…
Prayer – I pray often…some structured (due to my catholic school upbringing) and most of it is a personalized unedited chat authentic to what feels right for me.  I felt so disconnected in Catholic school because to me, religion class felt more like a test to memorize events rather than enlightenment on how I could learn from the lessons as they apply to my daily living.  I LOVE the church…there is nothing like the sweet smell of frankincense, the beautiful stain glass windows, colossal cathedral ceilings and the high vibrational chanting with song & instrumentation as it echoes throughout.  To this day, when I go to church, I become very, very emotional…quickly!!!  Make no mistake, I know how to stand in my power and “dip into my bag to pull out that BK ish” if the circumstances call for it, but like all of us, we are built with many layers…it’s all about balance…
Prayer is a conversation (Universal chat)  you can have anytime and anywhere in whatever language you choose…Source speaks all tongues fluently.  Thoughts and prayer have much power to hold Your intentions.  Remember, you always have an open invitation to chat it up and embrace The God In You


Sabrina Nikol

Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment Initiator
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse


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