Sunday, September 6, 2015


Nutty Is My New Normal!!!
                                                     Sabrina Nikol

Greetings Beautiful Ones,

The end of summer is here!!!  Parties…gatherings…events….vaca!!! We just wrapped up our end of summer cookout a couple of weeks ago and I must send much love, blessings & congratulations to all who stepped out of their comfort zone and calmly rocked the mic at our annual dedication/express yourself cookout.  It takes a lot to “step up” so “GO YOU” to EVERYONE who “stepped out of the box” this summer & tried something new (whether you wanted to or NOT!!!)
In the last 7 days, I’ve heard from people sharing their ideas & wanting to know if they were crazy for attempting to pursue them. We are guided in many ways to “step out” and explore the unknown.  Even if you are surrounded by the “what ifs”, NO ONE will do it quite like you do.  I tell them “if you think your crazy then we should get matching straight jackets because My Nutty IS The New Normal!!!”  I have been experiencing and embarking on things I never thought existed (implementing authenticity & integrity along the way) for a while now!!!  Like others, I sometimes find myself doing the double dutch dance as well.  The funny thing is, I’ve always looovvveeed jumping double dutch growing up!!!  You know what I’m saying…when those 2 ropes sequentially create a whirling rope-complex, its all about communicating with your turners, timing (moving your body back and forth), concentrating, possessing the courage to trust & jump in, exercising discipline by keeping your feet high enough off the ground to stay in the game & remaining in rhythm.  Believe me, I’ve experienced and saw a few minor casualties, but we kept on jumping because it was fun & challenging. 
In life, taking the leap into “the unknown” is just like that…hence “the double dutch dance”.  You never know what awesomeness can be waiting after you jump in.  Be mindful to shake off the haters, dream-busters, and the self-sabotage-afraid-to-fail-succeed syndrome. Take small steps if you get sidetracked, you are not alone.  Remember, like a new day begins with a sunrise, your ideas and dreams can too…sooo get off the bus, jump yo a$$ in and lets play!!!

I can truly relate, can you?  Feel free to leave a comment or contact me to chat if you would like more tea about my personal “double dutch dance”.


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FYI:  Double Dutch should become a part of the physical education curriculum.  Jumping Double Dutch during gym class would have kept me out of night school at Washington Irving H.S. taking double gym!!!  Trust, the class was packed with girls making up gym for the same reasons: physical education class had no structure what so ever, it was  boring & placed on our schedules either 1st period or last period.  I’ve learned in 2009, DD was officially sanctioned a sport in New York City high schools.  As of 2015, an investigation conducted by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights confirmed the school system violated the Title IX law that prohibits sex discrimination in education, estimating that an additional 3,862 spots for girls in athletic programs would be needed to level the playing field.  Double Dutch is fun, a full body workout and encourages teamwork & discipline. I Manifest before my daughter reaches high school, double dutch will be incorporated into the physical education curriculum & actively recognized/realized as a competitive sport…I’m watching this…Your thoughts?



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