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Sometimes beliefs live in the shallow end of the pool until one is ready to dive into the deep end where the truth lives... Sabrina Nikol

Greetings Beautiful Ones!!!  Where did You think I was going with this blog title?  It is, no doubt, a powerful memorable verse of a classic song that demands attention!!!  (Hang in there with me…the purpose of this title will be revealed.)  What did you reallly BELIEVE about our chat this month? Uh Huh…;-) 
I feel as this year progresses, some of our beliefs taught in the past will be questioned.  It is a normal state of being…as we grow, some of our beliefs may change or altered in accordance with our current reality.  From cultural, personal, media, political, religious, business, scientific communities +, beliefs can be subjective & vary from person to person.  They have the ability to instill fear, control, separation, create conflict and/or distractions from the truth.  While other beliefs are designed to encourage, inspire, uplift, helps us think outside of the box or just to be mindful of choices.  All of these factors play a major role in our belief system.  It is important to understand how they fit into your life now.  I mean really, do we need more FEGO (fear/ego) in our lives?  I DON’T THINK SO!!! 
For example, last week I saw a post that read:“…Money is the root of all evil…”
I’ve heard this growing up and never really understood it because I watched my mother pay bills, buy food and make sure we had clothes equip for each season +++.  I remember saying to myself back then: “I don’t think money is evil at all”.  Presently, I believe that money is an energy exchange and the purpose for which it is used, is at the discretion of the individual…for good, not so good or someplace in between.  Therefore, it is a personal choice…not the money itself, rather the way people use the money.
Money beliefs are HUGE!!!  Our relationship with money determines how we manifest $ moving forward.
I affirm:  “Money Is My ღ FRIEND ღ…I Pay My Debt With Love And Ease”
The most challenging beliefs are what we believe in ourselves.  We have a tendency to be the hardest on self when life events don’t appear to work in our favor.  The learning process is infinite & our perfect imperfections help mold us as we evolve personally and collectively.
I affirm:  “Out Of This Situation, Only Good Will Come
As we mature, some beliefs may go “into your back pocket”, be “taken with a grain of salt” or “totally dismissed”.
Before passing judgment about personal or external beliefs, exploration to determine their place in your world today is Golden.
The choice always remains with You…
Are there any beliefs You want to talk about?  Feel free to comment below.

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