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 …I Convey That We Must Do Away With All The Stress And The Strife, So God Bless Your Life, Use Kindness, And Never Blindness And You Will Find That This Perspective Is Best, Check It Out...
                                                               Guru, Gang Starr

Greetings & Happy New Year Beautiful People!!!  I pray all are well or in an active state of healing.  As we begin this year of transformation and new beginnings, one of the best ways to start 2016, is to eradicate some old baggage (physical/emotional/mental).  It has become easier to manifest what we really aspire to achieve. Can You Manifest Your Own Reality?  Absolutely!!!
Let’s Manifest/Intend - The Recap
1.  Thoughts & Words Have Power!! - It is important to become consciously aware of what you think, say to oneself & others. Words & thoughts hold a vibration, therefore they have the ability to send messages to the Universe.  The response you receive will be based on the words or thoughts you put out there.
Take the time to think more conscientiously before you speak.  Start identifying & replacing common undesirable / destructive words with something constructive (See “TheseAre The Words That I Manifest…I Manifest!!! Part I”, Nov. 2013 blog) & (See “These Are The Words That I Manifest…I Manifest!!! Part II”, Dec. 2013 blog).
2.  Write down what You wish to Manifest (i.e. happiness, good health, increased income, healthy partnerships).  Do You believe it/feel it? Deserve it? Are you willing/open to receive?  There is no more “fake it till you make it” business!!!  It must be felt if you’re willing or open to receive.  This practice can hold the energy to support you. 
Begin to visualize what that would look like for You.  See and feel what that looks like integrated into your life as if it has manifested. The vibration of this will speak volumes in your energy field…Some manifestations/intentions will present in perfect time (not Your time!).  Be flexible with how it looks but take ownership of how it feels for you.
When you declare at the end of your intentions, “For Your Highest Good & The Highest Good Of All”, whatever You are manifesting will be the best outcome for Yourself and for all.
Karma - Good, Bad or Indifferent, whatever actions or deeds You send out comes back...eventually...
3.  Be Thankful – Give Gratitude - Acknowledging Your appreciation of this new path of greatness & increase.
4.  Action – Take small action steps to open up the space to manifest.  Google it/ask questions…pro-activity is key….
5.  Remain adaptable to embrace change on all levels – We are evolving!!! Resistance is futile!!!  Give yourself credit and be good to  yourself. 
Happy Manifesting 2016!!!
Sabrina Nikol Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment InitiatorThe Urbanesk Energy Masseuse
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