Monday, January 5, 2015


“Whose World Is This???  IT’S YOURS”!!! 

Nasir Jones, Pete Rock, T La Rock

Happy New Year Beautiful Ones,

Welcome to a fresh clean slate to start all brand new and shiny for 2015.  We are free to continue or begin the “I want to list”, “I must do list” or the “I am going to do this ‘for real’ list”.  Personally, I’ve chosen to treat 2015 like a store filled with all of my favorite things and potential goodies waiting to be explored.  This store also includes some new shiny buttons to push (PUSH THE BUTTON!!! x 3), and exploring the hidden unlimited treasure chest filled with unknowns that will guide me along my journey. 
Sometimes, to begin taking action & setting things in motion, the first step is to give fego (fear & ego) the Slap Down.  The motivation for this is Knowing That Tooo Much Time Has Been Wasted Already!!!
Do You Know What Happens When You Don't Take A Chance???  NOTHING ~  Danny Glover, Donovan's Echo

Ouch, did that hit a nerve?…I know, but it’s THE TRUTH!!!  Here are a few gems to keep in mind as we begin this Amazing Year:

1.  Your Thoughts Have Power!! - It is important to become aware of what You say to yourself and others, what you think out loud and internally, & what you see for your future.

2.  WRITE IT DOWN!!!  What do you want to do or try this year? 

3.  Be Mindful Of Your Time.  January 5th will turn into June 5th before you know it.  Remember, 2014?  We went from the winter blizzards, to a peak of the summer, to “Happy New Year 2015 in 3 minutes flat!!!

4.  Express Gratitude.  Acknowledging appreciation for what you have to open up the path to greatness & increase.

5.  Dream Big!!! Many of us were taught to stay along the dotted line and all will be provided.  It’s a traditional pattern that has worked well in the past & it’s seemingly safe.  That’s Kool, Wonderful & Fine, but if there is something else nudging you, attempt to make time to explore that as well.  Don’t forget it’s OK to dream big – despite what society tells you, there IS enough for everyone.  Expand your mind without limitations & you may just surprise yourself of what you will discover.

***You are Brilliant!!!  Stop being so hard on yourself . . . there is no one in the world like you & there is no questioning this.***

This 2015, I Manifest For Us More Love, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Clarity, Guidance, Financial Abundance & Prosperity, Truth, Kindness, Oneness, Sharing, Giving, Receiving, Healing, Fun, Laughter, Purpose, Respect, An Infinite Amount Of Energy & Time To Accomplish What Is Desired During This Journey Fearlessly And Effortlessly For Our Highest Good, And The Highest Good Of All.

If you would like a little extra support achieving this…I got you.  OUR DWUBT FUNSHOP IS LAUCHING SOON!!!

It’s time to begin & realize the beautiful gifts you’ve been blessed with.  The NW DWUBT FUNSHOP was created to assist in identifying your aspirations by applying small bite size steps to finally take it to the next level in a fun & supportive setting (distance or local).
Join our FREE call for tips & information to learn about our WEEKLY NO DOUBT FUNSHOP on Tuesday, January 13th @ 7:30 pm (EST).  Click on this Free NO Doubt Call Info link to register or email me here NO DOUBT FUNSHOP INFO (place RSVP in the subject line) & I will email you the call in/web access information.
I am so excited to have you on the call & look forward to your presence!!!

Sabrina Nikol
Empowerment Initiator/Healing Facilitator-Practitioner
The Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

˚˚ ˚˚ ˚˚
Working In Alignment With Natural Health & Wellness Initiatives

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