Thursday, February 5, 2015


“Keep, Keep On”… 
                                 Sounds of Blackness

Greetings Beautiful Ones,

How art thou???  Are you taking a wild ride on an emotional roller coaster right now???  The planetary alignments are taking us to a deeper place within…but it’s for our Highest Good & sooo necessary!!!  The kool part is ... this is also the Perfect time to Affirm, Intend or Manifest…Here is a short list to assist on your journey to bring in the Goodness thru A.I.M. - Let’s Manifest!!! - The Recap:

1.     Your Thoughts Have Power!!! It's important to become knowingly aware of what you say, what you think and how you talk to yourself & others. 

***FYI:  Karma - Good, Bad or Indifferent, whatever actions or deeds you send out comes back…eventually***

Identifying & replacing common undesirable or destructive words with constructive or positive terms can be helpful.  For example, I’ve replaced the word “block” with “obstacle”, & substituting “I hope” with “I manifest” or “I intend”)  I’ve discovered this exchange of words to be more realistic achievable.  Customize this based on your personality to discover what works best for you.
 2.       Write down what you desire (i.e. happiness, good health, $) -Do you believe it? Deserve it?
3.      Begin to visualize what that would look like for you.  Creating a vision board or vision table can be a great foundation.  Some manifestations/intentions will present in perfect time (not your time!)
4.      By stating “For Your Highest Good & The Highest Good Of All” at the end of your intentions, means whatever you are manifesting will be the best outcome for yourself and for all.
5.     Gratitude - Acknowledging your appreciation to open up the path to greatness & increase.

Happy Affirming, Intending and Manifesting!!!  A.I.M HIGH!!! xoxoxo


Sabrina Nikol

Healing Facilitator-Practitioner/Empowerment InitiatorThe Urbanesk Energy Masseuse

˚˚ ˚˚ ˚˚
Working In Alignment With Natural Health & Wellness Initiatives

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