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FORGIVENESS!!!” Pt. 2 - How Can I Forgive?

Forgiveness Does Not Change The Past…

Paul Boese

Greetings Beautiful Ones,

How are you?  I’ve received several interesting and heart-felt responses regarding last months blog.  The general inquiry was “How Do I Forgive?  How Can I Forgive?”
“You don’t understand Brina, they were a$$hole$!! I’m not giving them power over me anymore by forgiving them!!!” I totally understand . . . many of us can relate!!!  It is perfectly normal to be upset.  Question:  Are you giving them (or the situation) power by holding onto something that is not beneficial to you?

“Forgiveness Is Not About Accepting Undeserved Behavior, It’s About Releasing Yourself From Carrying Around The Burden Of That Behavior!!!”

By holding onto anger and resentment, you’re essentially securing a blockage of your own blessings.
In order to self-heal & forgive, I acknowledged the dis-ease in my stomach, (solar plexus, emotion central of personal power and intuition), declared my willingness to forgive & recalled what I have learned from the experience.  At that point, I was ready to finally forgive myself & the other party.  The process has been extremely empowering, humbling and graceful.  When I could not recall the event that lead to the discomfort in my body, I called to Source/Spiritual team/Angelics for guidance and clarity to heal the situation.

Forgiveness Does Not Condone The Disruptive Behavior,
Nor Does It Give Anyone A Pass To Repeat The Action:  DELETE>REWIND>RESET

I wanted to share with you a snippet of the Release It And Burn It! Ceremony I facilitate with my Mini Past Life Journey’s And Empowerment Sessions.  Feel free to fill in the blanks to assist in your own healing process:
“I trusted you/the situation, then you _______________ me, you $%^!&^*&@$!!!
When you did that, I felt __________________.  I am still not over this and it angers me!!!
Through it all, I’ve learned ____________________.
You taught me ________________________.
Because of this experience, I am __________________________.”
You can write a letter, say it out loud – that person(s) or situation(s) does not need to be present for this to take place.  This is for your own healing & peace of mind.
Forgiveness Checklist:
1) Acknowledge/Release – you don’t have to re-live what it was, but understand there is something to be healed.
2) Give yourself permission to be Open, Willing or Ready to Forgive.
3) Lesson/Express Gratitude – What have I learned, good bad or indifferent?  Allow yourself to feel how you need to feel about it without permitting anger or ego to overshadow or disguise the lesson.
4) Forgive Yourself - Declare:  “I no longer choose to write, direct, produce & star in “The Pity Party of Thee” or “The Why Me Marathon”.”
5) It's a Process – Be patient with yourself.
Everything That Is Negative Needs To Be Forgiven Or Transmitted & Released to allow growth of what you really want to bring into your life.


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